Animal power for weed control
Animal Traction Network for Eastern and Southern Africa

Animal power for weed control: web version

edited by Paul Starkey and Timothy Simalenga

Papers from the 'Animal power for weed control' resource book are being made available in PDF format that can be read on-line, printed and/or saved to your computer. The ones in blue can now be accessed in this way by clicking on them. The ones in black are not yet available in PDF format (but they will be).
Most of these PDF papers have file sizes between 150 kb and 250 kb. Depending on the speed of your connection, these files may take between one and four minutes to download. Larger files are marked ** and will take longer.
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Overview papers

Animal power for weed control: experiences and challenges **(NB 290 kb file).
	T E Simalenga and R M Shetto
Animal power for weed control: a technical review
	Piet Stevens

Participatory research

Constraints to the adoption of animal traction weeding technology in Mbeya Region, Tanzania
	L Loewen-Rudgers, E Rempel, J Harder and K Klassen Harder
Weed control by draft animals: experiences in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania **(NB 320 kb file)
	R M Shetto, E M Kwiligwa, S Mkomwa and M Massunga
Participatory research on oxen-drawn weeders in Lake Zone, Tanzania
	E B Wella and A C W Roeleveld
On-farm participatory research on ox-powered weeding technology in Sukumaland, Tanzania
	A M Ngendello, E B Wella and A C W Roeleveld
Research on weed control using animal power undertaken by IAE, Zimbabwe	
	Irvine Chatizwa and Radboud Vorage
Animal-powered reduced tillage and weed control methods in Zimbabwe
	S Chikura

Women, weeding and gender issues

Women’s participation in weed control with draft animals in Mbeya, Tanzania	
	M Sizya
Gender issues in animal draft power weeding technology in Zambia
	E A Sakala
Women, weeding and agriculture in Iringa Region, Tanzania
	H J M Shimba

Implement design and testing

Elements of design and evaluation of animal-drawn weeders **(NB 340 kb file)
	Brian G Sims
Development of a donkey-pulled toolframe for weeding **(NB 430 kb file)
	Jürgen Hagmann
The development and assessment of a donkey-drawn weeder in Niger
	F Emhardt and H D Kutzbach
Animal-powered weeders in Africa: interactions between design, manufacture and operation	 124
	F M Inns
Animal-drawn herbicide applicators for use in small-scale farmer weed control systems
	Richard M Fowler
The design and operation of animal-drawn weeding implements in Tanzania	 133
	A K Kayumbo
Reduced ridge system to improve productivity and weed control: trials in Nigeria and Tanzania	 136
	A R Stokes
Animal-drawn weeders for weed control in India	 140
	H S Biswas, D S Rajput and R S Devnani
Design requirements for animal-drawn weeders	 147
	G J Poesse and P van Rumpt
Test procedures for animal-powered weeding equipment	 149
	Nelson Chisenga
A methodical approach for evaluating animal-powered weeding technologies	 159
	T E Simalenga, P J Makungu and T J Wilcocks

Tanzania: situation reviews and extension experiences

Constraints to the adoption of animal-powered weeding technology in Tanzania, 166
	H Sosovele
The introduction of animal-powered weeding technology in Morogoro Region, Tanzania, 174
	John A C Steel
Changing agricultural policy in Tanzania, 178
	Jim Crees
Experience in the promotion of animal-powered weeding in Tanga Region, Tanzania, 179
	A Makwanda, M S Shemdoe and M Msagusa
Introduction of ox-drawn weeders in Maswa District, Shinyanga Region, Tanzania, 183
	Ruben R Mungroop, Omari H Bori and Masanja Kalabo
The promotion of animal traction and weeding technologies in Mbozi, Tanzania, 189
	K Mongomongo and N Gembe
Animal power for weed control: experiences of MATI Mlingano, Tanga, Tanzania, 192
	A M E Mshana and R S S Mduma
Farmers’ experiences with weeding technology in Mwanga, Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania, 195
	George K Madundo and Anno Galema

Extension experiences in Zambia

Animal power for weed control: experiences in Zambia, 198
	Emmanuel Mwenya
Training and extension for animal traction and animal-powered weeding in Zambia,  201
	Kenneth Chelemu
A scheme for training extension workers on animal power for weed control, 203
	Palabana Animal Draft Power Programme, Zambia
Procedures for evaluating and promoting animal-drawn weed control implements in Zambia, 206
	Piet Stevens
Weeding with draft animal power in Kaoma District, Zambia, 209
	Nawa Siyambango and Martin van Leeuwen
Animal power for weed control in Kaoma District, Zambia, 213
	Andrew K Muma
A note on weeding demonstrations in northern Zambia, 218
	Margaret K Lombe

Southern Africa: situation analyses and reviews

Weed control by smallholder farmers in Ciskei, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa, 220
	A B D Joubert
Weeding technologies and possibilities for improving animal-powered weeding in Swaziland,  224
	J K Rwelamira
Animal power for weed control: experiences in Zimbabwe, 229
	Irvine Chatizwa and Raymond M Nazare
The use of animal power for weed control in Malawi,  235
	J C Mbalule

East Africa situation analyses and reviews

Farmer-led adoption of ox weeding in Machakos District, Kenya, 238
	Kate Wellard and Mike Mortimore
Animal-powered weeding: experience in western Kenya, 241
	Phares Odiewuor Okello and Barasa Sitati Wasike
A note on weed control in Machakos District, Kenya, 244
	C O Mwanda
Animal traction in Arua District, Uganda, with particular reference to weeding, 246
	Alastair Taylor
Some factors affecting animal-powered weeding in Uganda, 252
	John Olupot
Approaches to animal power development in Uganda, 254
	Henry Smuts E Ojirot
Weed control methods used in Ethiopia, 256
	Kebede Desta

West Africa: economic issues and technology assessment

Farm-level economic benefits of using oxen for plowing and weeding in Sierra Leone, 260
	Bai H Kanu
On-farm evaluation of weed control technologies in direct-seeded rice in The Gambia, 269
	Thomas R Remington and Joshua L Posner

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