Animal Traction in Uganda

Resources available on animal traction in Uganda:
The following documents relating to animal traction in Uganda can be viewed and/or downloaded in pdf format: Some of these documents derive from ATNESA workshops or the workshops of the West Africa Animal Traction Network. Some have been prepared by animal traction specialists for other collaborating organisations or networks. 
If you do not have Adobe Acrobat 4 which is needed to view and print these pdf files, you can download it free of charge from

Most papers have file sizes between 150 kb and 500 kb. Depending on the speed of your connection, these files will take between one and four minutes to download. Papers with photographs generally have larger files and these are marked in yellow (over one megabyte) or red (over two megabytes) and these will take longer to download. 

Impact of ox-weeding on labour use, labour costs and returns in the Teso farming system
    by David Barton, Anasasio Okuni, Francis Agobe and Rosset Kokoi

Gender issues in animal traction and rural transport in Uganda
   by F.B. Lubwama
Improving on-farm transport using animal draught power in two hilly districts of Western Uganda   
  by J. Ayo-Odongo, C. Mutyaba and P. Kalunda
Reviving cotton production in eastern Uganda: the animal traction perspective 
  by Alex Nyugo and John Olupot 
Animal traction in Arua District, Uganda, with particular reference to weeding
  by Alastair Taylor
Some factors affecting animal-powered weeding in Uganda
  by John Olupot 
A note on improving animal-drawn transport in Uganda 
  by Victor Ogwang
Approaches to animal power development in Uganda
  by Henry Smuts E Ojirot
Integrating donkey transport into a smallholder dairy project involving women farmers in Uganda
  by John Olupot and Lilian Sseruwo
Improving animal traction technology in Uganda
  by Alphonse E Akou  
Developing extension programmes for transfer of animal traction technology in Uganda
  by J O Y Omoding
A note on factors influencing the transfer of animal traction technology in Uganda
  by Emenyu Henry Smuts Ojirot 
A note on promoting an ox cultivation strategy for Uganda
  by A A Okuni

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Animal traction contacts in Uganda:

Uganda Network for Animal Traction and Conservation Agriculture
Engineer Wilfred R. Odogola
Agricultural Engineering and Applied Technology Institute (AEATRI)
P.O. Box 7144, Kampala Uganda
Tel +256-41-566161  Mobile: 256-77-220010

Mrs Lilian SSERUWO
Coordinator Animal Traction Unit
Ministry of Agriculture
PO Box 102, Entebbe
Tel: + 256-42-20752, 20690
Fax: + 256-42-20319, 321305

Click here to learn about the workshop held at Jinja, Uganda, 20-24th May 2002 on 
Modernising agriculture: visions and technologies for animal traction and conservation agriculture

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