Donkeys and donkey technology
Animal Traction Network for Eastern and Southern Africa

 As this volume has not yet gone through all the editorial and publication stages, the final contents may be different

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Provisional contents

Management issues

Improving the management of donkeys in Africa - issues, experiences and opportunities

Pearson R A, Nengomasha E M and Krecek R C

Donkey nutrition

Effect of nutrition and draft stress on reproductive parameters of female donkeys

Mutayoba B M, Aboud A A O and Mollel E L

The use of donkey faeces for in-vitro evaluation of dry-matter digestibility of some tropical forages in Tanzania

Aboud A A O, Owen E, Chenyambuga S W and Kimambo A E

Effects of plane of nutrition and draft stress on body condition and levels of blood metabolites in donkeys in Tanzania

Aboud A A O, Mutayoba B M and Mollel E L

Studies on voluntary intake and digestibility of buffel grass (Cenchrus ciliaris) hay by donkeys in Tanzania

Aboud A A O, Raymond F M and Fielding D

The effect of supplement on work output of donkeys at Adami Tulu, Research Centre, Ethiopia.

Amsalu Sisay, Abule Ebro, Zelealem Bekele, Mengistu Geza 

Donkey health and husbandry

Ethnoveterinary medicine: an alternative and sustainable approach to the control of internal parasites in donkeys

Fielding D and Hammond J A

Primary animal health care for donkeys in South Africa

McCrindle C, Moorosi LM

Clinical signs and symptoms associated with donkey trypanosomiasis in Kenya

Waithanji E M, Githiori J B, Olaho-Mukani W, Okech G and Ndung'u J M

Common health problems of working donkeys in Ethiopia

Getachew Mulugeta and Feseha Gebreab

Disease and health problems of donkeys: a case study from eastern Uganda

Saul C, Siefert L and Opuda-Asibo J

Preliminary survey on helminthiasis of donkeys in Wenchi Awraja (W/Shoa Region, Ethiopia)

Yoseph Shiferaw and Feseha Gebreab

Castration of working donkeys: advantages and surgical procedures

Trawford A F 

Donkey breeds and breeding

Characterisation of draft donkeys within the Sudanian (cotton producing) zone of Cameroon.

Ebangi, Vall and Mbah

Morphological characteristics of working donkeys in south-western Zimbabwe

Nengomasha E M, Jele N and Pearson R A

Reproduction in the female donkey (E. asinus): a review

Melaku Tefera and Feseha Gebreab

Determination of the optimal sex for working donkeys: experience from Zimbabwe

Jones P A 

Harnessing and equipment

Technology for donkey utilisation: harnesses, implements and transport systems

O'Neill D H, Wanders AA and Mbanje E

Harnessing guidelines for single donkey carts

Dibbits H J

A lightweight swing plow for a single donkey: design operation and the harness

Inns F M, Shetto R M and Mkomwa S

Implements for use with donkeys in Zimbabwe

Mbanje E

A donkey-drawn seed-cum-fertiliser pocket seeder for millet cropping in Niger

Frick T and Koller K

Transport technology

Donkey cart axles and harnessing material development in South Africa

Hanekom D

Low cost donkey cart technology and harness (plus demonstration cart and saddle)

Oram C

Improvement of transporting donkey carts in Ethiopia

Dilnesaw Alamirew, Mengistu Geza, Zelealem Bekele, Friew Kelemu and Bekele Mekuria 

Working capacity

Power performance of a single donkey when using for secondary tillage in Kenya

Gebresenbet G and Kaumbutho P

Improving the working efficiency and welfare of donkeys in the south-western region of Niger

Buchenau M, Lawrence P and Becker K

Impact of endogenous factors on the performance of draft donkeys within the sudano-sahelian region of Cameroon

Vall E and Ebangi L

Other documents about donkeys
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