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ATNESA collaborates with a wide range of other networks, institutions and resource organisations in Africa, and throughout the world. Some of these are mentioned below, with links to their websites.

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IFRTD The International Forum for Rural Transport and Development is a global network that aims to overcome the physical, economic and social isolation of the rural poor in developing countries. The goal is to improve the accessibility of rural communities by developing rural transport systems that respond to their needs and potentials. IFRTD encourages an integrated approach that recognises the importance of rural infrastructure and the potential for intermediate means of transport that fill the gap between walking/carrying and expensive motor vehicles. IFRTD has an international secretariat that encourages the formation of national networks (forum groups).

International Forum for Rural Transport and Development
113 Spitfire Studios, 63-71 Collier Street, London N1 9BE, UK
Tel: + 44 (0) 20 7713 6699 Fax: + 44 (0) 20 7713 8290
Web page:


The international Latin American animal traction network RELATA (Red Latinoamericana de Tracción Animal) was launched in 1995. In publishes an attractive magazine, El Yuntero. It has organised international workshops and published proceedings and resource publications. Spanish is the language of this network.

Red Latinoamericana de Tracción Animal  
Apartado Postal: AE-09, Managua, Nicaragua
CNIA-INTA, km. 14 1/2 carretera norte, 2 km. al sur, Managua, Nicaragua
Tel. + 505 233 1340, Fax. + 505 233 1340

Réseau Ouest Africain sur la Traction Animale

West Africa Animal Traction Network

Draught Animal News 
is published twice a year by CTVM (with funding from DFID) and often contains reports of ATNESA activities. 
Its editor welcomes contributions from ATNESA members (and people working with animal power in other regions too)
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Draught Animal News home page

Dr R. Anne Pearson

CTVM (Centre for Tropical Veterinary Medicine) of the University of Edinburgh has been carrying out research on the nutritional and physiological implications of draft work, using cattle, buffaloes, horses and donkeys. It is one of the leading centres for documentation and research relating to oxen, donkeys and other work animals. Staff of CTVM have been collaborating on animal traction research in several countries, including Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania and Zimbabwe.  Several students from the region have undertaken higher degrees in collaboration with CTVM. Several resource publication have been produced in collaboration with African researchers.





Centre for Tropical Veterinary Medicine
Easter Bush, Roslin
Midlothian, Scotland, EH25 9RG
Tel/Fax: + 44 (0)131 650 6217
Fax: + 44 (0)131 445 5099

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