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Some of these documents derive from ATNESA workshops or the workshops of the West Africa Animal Traction Network. Some have been prepared by animal traction specialists for other collaborating organisations or networks. 
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Section 3: Diversified uses of animal traction

Research on diversified uses of work animals: needs, experiences and methods (1,2MB)
        T Thomas, C Oram and G Tembo   39
Development of an animal-powered rice-huller
       K Dippon   49
Constraints to the diversifications of the use of animal-drawn implements in the Gambia
        D M Sarr   56
Expérimentations Récentes sur la Mécanisation de la Culture du Mil à Cinzana
        S Traoré, D Sogodogo et S V R Shetty   60
Mécanisation Agricole dans la Commune de Kasséré: 
un Exemple de Diversification de ĺ Utilisation de la Traction Animale en Côte ď Ivore 
        Z Outtara   64
Weed control systems in maize based on animal drawn cultivators
        R M Shetto and E M Kwiligwa   71
Le Rôle de la Traction Animale dans le Processus de Mécanisation de la Rizixulture en Basse Casamance (Bilan et Perspectives)
        A Fall   79
Section 7: Research methodology
Soil tillage research development : quantifying tillage effects, ad important training module
        B Jacobl   108
Experimental methods in draught animal research
        P R Lawrence and R A Pearson   187
Research on the draught animal power systems in Ethiopia
        A Astatke   199
Researchers zux Effects de Poids Vif et Embonpoint des Boeufs de Labour sur la Capacité de Travail
        P W Bartholomew et T Khibe   205

Section 10: Regional and miscellaneous 

Research and development of draught animal power utilisation in West Africa
        H L Musa and S T Bello   269
Prospects of animal traction in Southern Nigeria. and empirical study
        A Daramola   276
Status of animal traction development in Ghana
        E Y H Bobobee   279
Animal-powered tillage and weeding technology
Improving animal-powered tillage systems and weeding technology (1.1MB)
        Piet A Stevens	168 
The use of animal-drawn cultivators for maize production in the southern highlands of Tanzania
        E M Kwiligwa1, R M Shetto1 and D J Rees2	182
Improving animal-powered tillage systems in Tanzania
        A K Kayumbo	194
Development of an animal-drawn disc ridger for a tied ridging system of conservation tillage
        J?Egen Hagmann	198
Improving animal-powered reduced tillage systems in Zimbabwe
        S Chikura	203
Design innovations to simplify the regulation of animal-drawn mouldboard plows in Zambia
        Hans Helsloot*	206
Animal draft tillage systems: the need for an integrated approach
        Frank M Inns	214
Development of an animal-drawn puddler for rice production on the Usangu Plains of Tanzania
        M L Lecca, I A Kinyaga and J B Bunyinyiga	218
Tillage and weed control on medium potential lands in Kenya
        J M Kahumbura	222 

Diversifying operations using animal power

Improving the efficiency of an animal-powered gear to meet the requirements of different machines
        K Dippon*	436
Experience with the introduction of animal-power systems in Zambia
        Hans Drechsel1 and Christian Löffler2	440
Animal traction technology for logging in Zambia
        Christopher Kalima	445
The potential for animal power in small-scale mining in southern Africa
        K C Taupitz	450

Country experiences and constraints

Development and transfer of animal traction technology in Ethiopia
        Kebede Desta	454
Animal traction technology in Malawi: potential and constraints
        M L Mwinjilo*	456
Improving animal traction technology in Malawi: some recent investigations and trials
        Darwin Dodoma Singa	460
Improving animal traction technology in northern Namibia: past experience and apparent needs
        D K Morrow	464
A note on promoting an ox cultivation strategy for Uganda
        A A Okuni	468
Animal draft power in Zambia: constraints to development and possibilities for improvements
        E Mwenya1, W N M Mwenya2 and H J Dibbits3	469
Animal traction technology in Niger and some implications for Zambia
        Fred Kruit	474

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