Animal Traction in Namibia

Resources available on animal traction in Namibia
The following documents relating to animal traction in Namibia can be viewed and/or downloaded in pdf format:

Some of these documents derive from ATNESA workshops or the workshops of the West Africa Animal Traction Network. Some have been prepared by animal traction specialists for other collaborating organisations or networks. 
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Most papers have file sizes between 150 kb and 500 kb. Depending on the speed of your connection, these files will take between one and four minutes to download. Papers with photographs generally have larger files and these are marked in yellow (over one megabyte) or red (over two megabytes) and these will take longer to download. 


Donkey population and management for utility in relationship to environmental degradation and traffic accidents in north central Namibia. Report of a National Survey carried out from 17 November 2002 to 14 February 2003. Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Rural Development (MAWRD), Windhoek, Namibia in collaboration with the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture and Rural Resettlement (MLARR), Harare, Zimbabwe. 2003
by Bertha Mudamburi, Jonas Chigariro, Enny S Namalambo and Ringson J Chitsiko

Click here for full report: small file with full text but low-resolution pictures ** 320k

Click here for full report: larger file with full text and medium resolution pictures ** 1Mb

Workshop papers

Draught animal power: experiences of farmer training in the northern communal areas of Namibia 
by J. Mulanda, E. Mwenya and E. Namalambo

Challenges of animal traction in the 21st Century: the experiences from various projects in the North 
Central Division of Namibia
by P. Talavera

History and utilisation of donkeys in Namibia
by Emmanuel Mwenya and Godfried Keib

Donkey traction in north central Namibia
by Nestor Haufiku, Sylvanus Naunyango and Christophe Rigourd

Donkeys as an alternative draft power source for women in Kavango, Namibia
by Frans Itepu

Introducing animal-drawn cultivators in north Namibia: preliminary results and reasons for hope  
by Imalwa Veikko and Carole Pitois

Conservation tillage with animal traction for soil-water management and environment sustainability in Namibia
by Percy Misika and Emmanuel Mwenya

Investigating into soil fertility in the North Central regions
by C. Rigourd and T. Sappe

Soil fertility and minimum tillage equipment’s trials in the North Central, Namibia
by C. Rigourd, T. Sappe and P. Talavera

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Animal traction contacts in Namibia

Ms Enny Namalambo
Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Rural Development (MAWRD)
PO Box 20781, Windhoek, Namibia
Tel: +264 61 2087024; Fax: +264-61-2087768

Ms Bertha Mudamburi
Neudamm Agric College, University of Namibia
Private Bag 13188, Windhoek, Namibia
Tel: + 264 61 206 4095; Fax: +264 61 208 7768

    See also the tributes to Emmanuel Mwenya 1957-2004   

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