Conservation tillage with animal traction
Animal Traction Network for Eastern and Southern Africa
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Conservation tillage with animal traction
edited by 
Pascal Kaumbutho
and Timothy Simalenga, 173 pages, 1999

Papers from the 'Conservation tillage with animal traction' resource book are available in PDF format that can be read on-line, printed and/or saved to your computer. You can access each paper by clicking on the title. Most of these PDF papers have file sizes between 150 kb and 250 kb. Depending on the speed of your connection, these files may take between one and four minutes to download. Larger files are marked ** and will take longer, and those marked *** are very large files, which may not be suitable for downloading over slow connections.
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Table of contents: web version

Overview of conservation tillage practices in East and Southern Africa ** 320 kb
by P.G. Kaumbutho, G. Gebresenbet and T.E. Simalenga

Conservation tillage with animal traction for soil-water management and environment sustainability in Namibia
by Percy Misika and Emmanuel Mwenya

Conservation tillage in Zambia: Some technologies, Indigenous methods and environmental issues
by J.M. Siacinji-Musiwa

Investigating into soil fertility in the North Central regions
by C. Rigourd and T. Sappe

Effect of socio-economic and gender issues on sustainability resource management
by J.K. Rwelamira

Conservation tillage research and development in South Africa
by Richard Fowler

Role of draft animal power in Ghanaian agriculture
by E.Y.H. Bobobee

Indigenous soil conservation tillage systems and risks of animal traction on land degradation in Eastern and Southern Africa by R.M. Shetto

The role of animal traction in soil and water conservation tillage practices among smallholder farmers in Malawi by W.F. Kumwenda

Socio-economic and gender issues in draft animal technology: A lady Farmer’s Commentary
by T.B. Ngamau

Relationship between depth of tillage and soil physical characteristics of sites farmed by smallholders in Mutoko and Chinyika in Zimbabwe
by R. Tsimba, J. Hussein and L.R. Ndlovu

Indigenous conservation tillage system in East Africa with an example of their evaluation from South West Tanzania   *** 1.6 Mb ***  (due to illustrations the file size is very large)
by R. Kayombo, J. Ellis-Jones and H.L. Martin

Conservation tillage for sustainable crop production systems: Experiences from on-station and on-farm research in Zimbabwe (1988-1997)   *** 1.6 Mb ***  (due to illustrations the file size is very large)
by Isaiah Nyagumbo

Soil fertility and minimum tillage equipment’s trials in the North Central, Namibia
by C. Rigourd, T. Sappe and P. Talavera

IMAG-DLO and conservation tillage: Activities and Experiences
by C. Kaoma-Sprenkels, P.A. Stevens and A.A. Wanders

Efforts and initiatives for supply of conservation tillage equipment in Zambia
by Isaac Sakala

Conservation farming with animal traction in smallholder farming systems: Palabana experiences
by Martin Bwalya

Minimum tillage for soil and water management with animal traction in the West-African region
by Alioune Fall and Adama Faye

Soil-water and conservation tillage practices in Lesotho: Experiences of SWACAP
by Letla Mosonene

Socio-economic and gender issues affecting the adoption of conservation tillage practices
by F.B. Lubwama

Rainwater harvesting technologies for agricultural production: A case for Dodoma, Tanzania ** 420 kb
by N. Hatibu and H. Mahoo

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Opportunities for Conservation Tillage with Animal Traction: The workshop report
Click here
to download a detailed and illustrated report of this workshop. This 56-page document with many colour photographs is in PDF format that can be printed or read on-line. (The resolution of the photos has been reduced to speed up downloading time: however the file size is ***1.45 Mb and the file may take several minutes to download).

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