Animal Traction in Botswana

Resources available on animal traction in Botswana
The following documents relating to animal traction in Botswana can be viewed and/or downloaded in pdf format:
Some of these documents derive from ATNESA workshops or the workshops of the West Africa Animal Traction Network. Some have been prepared by animal traction specialists for other collaborating organisations or networks. 
If you do not have Adobe Acrobat 4 which is needed to view and print these pdf files, you can download it free of charge from

Most papers have file sizes between 150 kb and 500 kb. Depending on the speed of your connection, these files will take between one and four minutes to download. Papers with photographs generally have larger files and these are marked in yellow (over one megabyte) or red (over two megabytes) and these will take longer to download. 

Government financial assistance programmes to improve the profitability of animal traction in Botswana
        A Panin, M Mrema and M Mahabile 

Characteristics and uses of donkeys in Botswana
        A A Aganga and K Maphorisa
A review of donkey use in Botswana over a ten-year period 
  by C. Patrick, B.V.E. Segwagwe and A.A. Aganga
Haematological studies on apparently healthy donkeys in Oodi, Kgatleng District, Botswana
  by E.Z. Mushi, M.G. Binta and R.T. Ndebele
Animal traction technology in Botswana: potential and constraints 
   by A.A. Aganga, C. Patrick and B.V.E. Segwagwe
Donkey use in south-east Botswana highlighting gender differences 
  by Adeolu A Aganga and D Seabo
Donkey power technology in the Gaborone Region of Botswana
by Adeolu A Aganga and C M Tsopito
An economic analysis of the utilisation of donkeys in Botswana: the past and the future
by May Mrema
Economic and gender issues of donkey use in Kweneng and Kgatleng Districts, Botswana
  by May Mrema
Draft animal power potential and utilisation in the Tonota District of Botswana  
  by J A Karim-Sesay
Investigation into the common diseases of donkeys (Equus asinus) in Botswana  
  by B.V.E. Segwagwe, A.A. Aganga and C. Patrick

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Animal traction contacts in Botswana

Botswana College of Agriculture
P/Bag 0027, Gaborone

Recently involved staff have included: 
C. Patrick, B.V.E. Segwagwe, A.A. Aganga
and A Karim-Sesay

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